"New Beginnings" Digital Workshop


"New Beginnings" Digital Workshop



For any time you’d like to reflect, reset and start fresh.

The Program:

  • Time commitment: I recommend setting aside between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours per day for 8 days. However, this course is self-paced so you are free to work on your own timeline.

  • Requirements: A computer or phone and a way to take notes,
    *Optional: A printer - if you'd like a physical copy of the workbook

  • What it entails: Each day you will receive a workbook to download and an audio recording to listen to. You will be guided through the lessons and given space to complete the exercises as you go!

What You Get:

  • DAILY AUDIO LESSONS & WORKBOOKS that can be pulled together nicely into a beautiful e-book to keep and re-use for life.

  • PERSONAL SUPPORT FROM ME and a new community of people who can share questions, thoughts and experiences in the comments section on each day of the workshop. I will read and reply to all questions.

  • A SYSTEM TO TAKE STOCK OF YOUR LIFE and full clarity on where you are excelling and where there is room for growth.

  • A NEW OUTLOOK on your past challenges that allows you to finally let go, live with gratitude, and step into your power NOW.

  • DEEP CONNECTION WITH YOUR INTUITION and “soul self" and several techniques to check-in and ask for guidance at any time.

  • CLARITY AROUND YOUR IDEAL LIFE and an action plan to bridge the gap between your present and ideal.

  • A NEW YOU as you step into your future self.

  • A STUNNING VISION BOARD that will keep you inspired and connected to your “why.”

  • TOOLS, TOOLS, & MORE TOOLS that you can use and re-use for life including journaling practices, guided meditations, visualization exercises, book recommendations, and more.

  • CLEARLY DEFINED GOALS and a clear roadmap to reach and sustain them.

  • A 12 MONTH ACTION PLAN for creating and sustaining the new beginning of your dreams.


And so much more...

Learn more about “New Beginnings” here.

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