For any time you’d like to reflect, reset and start fresh.

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A Fresh start is available to you… right now.


⇉ A new beginning feels overwhelming, out of reach, and like way too much work.

⇉ It’s not the “perfect time” for you to make a change.

⇉ You are stuck in old patterns, habits and thought cycles.

⇉ You are used to setting resolutions but never follow through.

⇉ You know you need a shift, but you don’t know what it looks like yet.

Who do you want to be?

Did you know that 80% of people give up on their New Years resolutions by the end of January!? It’s time to stop selling yourself short and start breaking this cycle.

Take a minute and imagine...

  • Where you could be in a year, 6 months, or even 1 month if you actually commit to your dreams and visions

  • Getting clear on your goals and the exact steps needed to get you there

  • Finally letting go of all the sh*t that no longer serves you

  • Cultivating a new relationship with your intuition to lean on in times of doubt

  • Setting boundaries with your inner critic and learning to manage the resistance that normally keeps you from reaching your goals

  • Living in a state of gratitude and watching your vision board turn into reality

  • Gaining a variety of different tools to use and re-use at any time you need a fresh start

  • Changing the entire course of your life, just by doing the work for the next 8 days

In order to create your dream life, job, and self, you HAVE to take the time to reflect, assess, and get clear on your vision. This workshop gives you the space to do so and the tools to finally create the transformation you envision!

Without this clarity, it might seem as though life is happening “to” you, not “for” you. You might feel like a victim to circumstance. This workshop allows you to take your power back.

How, you ask???



An 8-day digital workshop to help you reflect, reset and start fresh!




  • Time commitment: I recommend setting aside between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours per day for 8 days. However, this course is self-paced so you are free to work on your own timeline.

  • Requirements: A computer or phone and a way to take notes,
    *Optional: A printer - if you'd like a physical copy of the workbook

  • What it entails: Each day you will receive a workbook to download and an audio recording to listen to. You will be guided through the lessons and given space to complete the exercises as you go!



  • DAILY AUDIO LESSONS & WORKBOOKS that can be pulled together nicely into a beautiful e-book to keep and re-use for life.

  • PERSONAL SUPPORT FROM ME and a new community of people who can share questions, thoughts and experiences in the comments section on each day of the workshop. I will read and reply to all questions.

  • A SYSTEM TO TAKE STOCK OF YOUR LIFE and full clarity on where you are excelling and where there is room for growth.

  • A NEW OUTLOOK on your past challenges that allows you to finally let go, live with gratitude, and step into your power NOW.

  • DEEP CONNECTION WITH YOUR INTUITION and “soul self" and several techniques to check-in and ask for guidance at any time.

  • CLARITY AROUND YOUR IDEAL LIFE and an action plan to bridge the gap between your present and ideal.

  • A NEW YOU as you step into your future self.

  • A STUNNING VISION BOARD that will keep you inspired and connected to your “why.”

  • TOOLS, TOOLS, & MORE TOOLS that you can use and re-use for life including journaling practices, guided meditations, visualization exercises, book recommendations, and more.

  • CLEARLY DEFINED GOALS and a clear roadmap to reach and sustain them.

  • A 12 MONTH ACTION PLAN for creating and sustaining the new beginning of your dreams.


And so much more...



There is a reason that you are attracted to this offer at this time. 

Are you ready? It’s your time.




Hi, I’m Sydney

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I am the creator of new beginnings…


I am deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible for myself and my clients every single day. I believe that this begins with self-exploration. My goal is to empower you to expand your inner world, and transform your outer world.


Artistic and creative expression is a big part of who I am, and is integrated into the way I support you on your self-development journey. You will find my creativity expressed in this course through its simplicity and curation.


A perfectionist at heart, I spent years on the hamster wheel of straight A’s, corporate jobs, long hours, promotions, stress, burnout and lots and lots of anxiety. I left corporate America in 2017 and I haven’t looked back. Today, I am following my heart and my calling and am creating the life of my dreams. I have my own Coaching business where I share my tools for empowerment, healing, and personal and professional growth with clients every day. I am wholeheartedly committed to my own growth, and to walking the walk. I believe that I have a unique perspective on coaching work that makes yogic philosophy, spirituality, and personal development accessible and applicable to high-achieving young professionals in Corporate America. I know how it feels to be lost, overwhelmed, insecure and unfulfilled. I don't feel that way anymore, and I want to support you in finding your own fulfillment and purpose. If you feel as though there is more to life - there is! You have a unique gift to bring to this planet, and you can learn to skillfully navigate all seasons of life, connect with your true self, and create a life you love.


You matter. Everything you say and do matters. You are worthy of the new beginnings of your dreams. And you are not alone! I am here for you.


So, are you ready to sign up for New Beginnings?

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