Day 2

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Day 2 FOCUS: Letting go to create space for the new


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LETTING GO • It’s time to let go of the old in order to create space for your new beginning.

TURNING OBSTACLES INTO OPPORTUNITIES • What are the learnings, gifts and opportunities the challenges of the past year have given you?

SAYING GOODBYE • It’s time to take stand in your power as you enter your new beginning. You can be grateful for the challenges that have made you into who you are today, and simultaneously set a boundary with them. They have served their purpose, and they are no longer welcome.

SHAKING IT OFF • Yes, a Taylor Swift song, and also a tool for releasing stuck energy. Let it all go and create space for a new beginning beyond your wildest dreams!!


*Click here* to download the New Beginnings Workbook: Day 2.

Follow along in the workbook as you listen to the guided audio below. Either print off the workbook or have your journal ready nearby.


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STEP 3: Share your experience

Share your experience in the comment section below. This is a safe space to share your wins, struggles, and everything in between. This is really deep work and you will get out of it as much as you put into it. Honor absolutely anything that comes up for you during this experience and know that you are not alone. Trust that anything you share below is a gift to me and whoever else reads it.

Please also use the space below to ask any questions you may have for me or any others completing this workshop. I will read each comment and get back to you as soon as I can. :)

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