Hi, I'm Sydney Axelrod. I am a Self-Development Coach.


As your coach i…

Offer unlimited support through any life transition

Help you release limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Hold space for you to safely express all parts of yourself

Empower you to take your power back from your inner critic

Push the boundaries of what is possible for you

Guide you to find your own inner wisdom and truth

Shine light on your blind spots

Offer endless personalized tools and exercises to propel your personal growth

Take you further than you would go alone


It all starts with self-exploration. Here’s how I can help:


1:1 Life Coaching


Digital Courses


Free Webinar:

Get Unstuck


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My Free Training: 4 Keys to Get Unstuck


Are you new to coaching with me? Or new to coaching in general? I have created a free webinar for you to learn more about Self-Development Coaching and my style of work. This training is jam packed with tools and content for you to delve into your own self-exploration and start shifting your mindset now. I’d love for you to join me!


Are you ready for a change?


Are you feeling lost? Stuck in an unfulfilling job? Numb on Netflix, social media and alcohol? Paralyzed by anxiety? Held back by your own fear and self-sabotaging behavior?

Don’t for a second beat yourself up. It’s okay. Let this moment be a catalyst for a fresh start.

I understand the weight and frustration of knowing that there is more out there for you, but not knowing what to do next. I know what it’s like to feel as though you are in the middle of an ocean with no view of land and no idea of which direction to start swimming.

I’m here now to throw you a life raft. It’s up to you if you’d like to grab on.

So what do you say? Are you ready to transform?


Here’s what people are saying about the Training…

“I’m currently watching your webinar and trying not to cry at work. It’s so good and I needed it! I love how actionable it is.”

“I’ve been following your insta and your podcast and love what you’re doing. I’m currently going through serious burnout and your webinar really helped! Just wanted to let you know that your work matters.“

“I saw a post about your webinar just 10 minutes before it started!! Too loud of a knock from the universe for me not to answer. :) Thank you SO much for what you’re putting out there. It is so powerful.”

“Your webinar popped into my life at the exact moment I needed it. What a gift. Thank you, thank you!”

“This webinar helped me combat the Sunday scaries!!”

“Just listened to Sydney’s webinar and her work is such a gift. Thank you, Sydney, for the reminder to lovingly return to skillful action. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Sydney, she is a goddess of love and inspiration.”


Just start with the first step.
You don’t have to change everything for everything to change.