Want to take your self-growth journey further without the commitment of private coaching?

My digital, self-paced workshops are more personal and dynamic than a regular webinar or training, while being simple enough to complete independently and on your own time.


My Digital Workshop Offerings:


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 These courses take you deep into your selected topic in a way that incorporates your mind, body, and soul through self-coaching exercises, tools, resources, guided meditations, breathing exercises, journaling prompts, book recommendations, and more.

I designed my courses to be simple to use while still being beautifully curated to keep you inspired. At the end of each course there is always an option to work with me and receive personalized coaching to support you as you integrate the lessons and begin to transform.

Whether you are completely new to coaching or are deep into your self-exploration journey, these workshops are accessible and valuable to everyone.

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Reflect, Reset & Start Fresh


Create Your Perfect Morning Routine


What people are saying… 

“I absolutely loved this workshop. I loved the balance between listening to you, reading in the workbook and writing in my own journal. Thank you so much, Sydney!”

“You have a lot knowledge and you are able to communicate it in such a inspiring way. I hope this course reaches as my people as possible.”

“I had such a wonderful experience doing this and look forward to taking my practice with me.”

“Feeling grounded, energized and aligned after finished day 2. Looking forward to day 3!”

“Gorgeous branding, I love the quotes interspersed!”

“I had such a great experience and appreciated starting my day so mindfully. I love how the workshop built from setting intentions and commitment to this practice in the first few days to more tactical advice on different tools (meditation, brain food) as the days went on.”

“I absolutely loved the branding and look of the course and wrote down some of the quotes in my journal.”

“Feeling excited and hopeful after Day 1... looking forward to the rest of the days!”

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