I'm Sydney Axelrod.

I'm a Life Coach focused on helping young professionals find clarity and purpose in their lives, navigate overwhelm, connect to their authentic selves, and take the next step towards success in their lives and careers.

No matter how lost, stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, drained or frustrated you feel right now - you can take your power back, step by step, and realize your potential!

Stop holding yourself back and start truly living.
You don't need to do it alone!

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Ready to make 1 small shift that will lead to huge transformation?



A week long digital workshop to help you craft & implement your perfect morning routine, oh and change your entire life!


Does this sound familiar?

>> Spending your 20’s & 30’s in an unfulfilling job?

>> Designating spots in the office for breakdowns?

>> Held back by fear of failure?

>> Numbing out on Netflix & social media?

>> Unsure what you really want?!

I've been there, and I understand! But guess what... it doesn't have to be this way!

Toss out the ‘it’ll get better when’s & imagine finally…

>> Being full of self-love!

>> Not second guessing every move.

>> Feeling connected and alive.

>> Creating the space to actually follow your dreams.

No matter how you feel right now – it's time to get empowered and realize your inner most potential!

And guess what – it’s simple!

That’s why I created this free training. To share exactly what I've learned about getting unstuck from any rut.

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>> The one small career shift that will majorly transform everything!

>> My go-to method for gaining clarity in any area of life without getting stuck overthinking!

>> How we actually create bad luck and how to start creating better luck now!

>> The 4 key mindset shifts that will break the anxiety spiral and create space for focus and productivity!

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